25 Reasons – Why Soccer is the Best Sport in the World!

why soccer is the best sport

In my humble opinion, soccer is definitely the best sport among all! Its HUGE magnitude and popularity around the world is definitely for a reason, right?

For my part, I’ve played soccer since I was 6 years old and my conviction that soccer is number 1 didn’t change even if I’ve played many other sports since then, Today I am 32 years old!

In this Article, I breakdown 25 reasons (I could of easily come up with 100) why soccer is by far the very best sport there is!

1. Easy to learn

Soccer is an easy sport to learn. The rules become nuanced once you get to competition levels, but other than that anyone can learn the game.

Getting the ball pass the opposing goalkeeper is the main idea.

The great thing about the sport is how the rules can be adjusted to however the players want or need.

I highly invite you to learn how you can easily learn and become good at soccer!

2. Inexpensive

At the absolute least, you’ll need a soccer ball to play soccer. Whatever your budget can afford is fine. You could spend a fortune trying to get a professional match ball, or spend a few bucks and get a decent ball.

Either way, at the core of it all you’ll be enjoying the sport. Anything beyond the ball for a pickup game is optional.

Important Side Note: If you are a soccer beginner or amateur and would like to improve your soccer skills, then I strongly recommend to use soccer shoes with decent Quality  and reliable Grip to perform at the best of your abilities. You can have a quick look at these quality soccer cleats to get an idea!

3. Loyal Fan Base

It’s difficult to find fans more loyal than soccer fans. It’s passion unseen anywhere else.

No matter the team or league, from the pro level to the amateur level, soccer fans are loyal and keep the sport alive and thriving.

It’s one thing to watch a game on TV, but to watch a game live with roaring fans is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life.

It is worth mentioning that most loyal soccer fans tend love wearing scarves of their favorite teams!

4. History

Soccer is the oldest sport to still be played to this day. One of the oldest soccer clubs dates back to 1857 in England. However, games date back to 200 B.C in the UK. The sport is rich in history, with many notable names that persist throughout the years.

It’s a sport that has passed the test of time and continues to thrive well into current times – and surely into the future.

5. Team Sport

Soccer is a team sport that relies on the collective skills of the entire team. The pressure is divided among the whole, although some argue some pressure is on some players more than others.

Nonetheless, the sport is a team sport and this means cooperation is key.

Working as a team builds skills that players can translate into the real world. Team building efforts are highly sought after in the workplace and in any public setting.

6. Great Exercise

Like being in constant motion? Well, soccer is the perfect sport to get in that cardio conditioning. It should come to no surprise soccer players will run an average 15+ miles in practice and potentially more in a match.

Being physically fit as a marathon runner is required to play the sport. You’ll be in great shape if you pick up the sport.

7. Challenging

The game poses many challenges. There are plenty of skills to learn and this is not taking into account the physical demands needed to excel in the sport.

Passing, shooting, and dribbling are easier said than done. Even more challenging in a match.

Professional players make it seem easy to have complete mastery of the ball. In fact, it takes hundreds of hours to be decent, and even more to be at a professional level.

8. Growing sport

Soccer continues to be a popular sport worldwide. The reason being is fans share this passion with younger players. As they age, their passion grows for the sport. Overtime they share this passion with others who have not had the opportunity to learn about the sport.

The sport continues to grow all over the world – again and again. Fortunately, this growth is starting to catch on even more in the US.

9. Safe – Compared to most other sports

Soccer is one of the safest sports, especially for younger players, for anyone playing. Keep in mind, soccer is a contact sport. But when compared to other sports, soccer is much safer.

Sprained muscles and ligaments in the lower body account for more than 50% sport related injuries. Concussions and severe damage are rare in soccer.

The occasional bruising is expected. In comparison to most, soccer is the safer option.

10. All Players Have Chance

Any player on the field can score a goal, even a goalkeeper can get a goal. Unlike other sports, soccer is focused on players more so than any other sport. Regardless of position, a player can score.

This transfers the focus from specific positions to the whole team. Other sports have key positions designated for scoring. Soccer does as well, but that does not mean only certain players can only score.

Rather a few players trying to score, the whole team is trying to score.

11. Can be practiced alone

Practicing soccer is a broad term. It depends on what skills a player is trying to develop. There’s also street soccer that a player could take an interest in. These skills involve practicing juggling and other “tricks.”

Whether a player wants to brush up on their competitive skills, or on mastering the ball in exciting ways it does not matter. Either way can be done alone.

Other sports like football or baseball do not offer this type of flexibility with practice.

A person just needs a soccer ball and some place to practice and they are set.

12. International Sport

Being an international sport means no matter where you are in the world, there is a guarantee you will find another fan.

It’s the one sport the entire world participates in – even the US.

Besides the Olympics, the World Cup brings the entire world together to see who is the best at one thing. It’s this type of unity that reminds us we are all the same on this planet. And it gives one country bragging rights till the next tournament.

13. Growing in popularity

As mentioned, the sport continues to grow. This is especially true in the US – which is the last country to jump on board with the rest of the world.

Soccer is becoming popular for all the reasons previously mentioned. Which is a good thing for most Americans as this is another sport they can try out.

This works well for younger people who have no interest in other sports, but would consider soccer.

14. Leagues Worldwide

Regardless of where a person lives, there is a league they can root for or join. This means a person can join a league and compete easier than ever before. Or, they can watch a local game without having to travel far.

As popularity grows, more leagues will become available. It’s a win-win for everyone.

15. A Sport For Everyone

One of the best examples of a sport having a limitation is basketball. This limitation is height. If you are not tall, then basketball may not be the sport for you – and yes, there are exceptions to this.

But, for soccer there are no limitations. If you can run, you can play. Soccer is a sport for everyone. Traditionally, the biggest sports are played by men. The Women’s World Cup goes against this tradition.

To prove this, look at how dominant the American Women’s team is.

16. Beginner friendly

Kicking a ball is not difficult. In a match it can be, but mostly soccer is a relatively easier sport. Beginner leagues are found everywhere and the barrier for entry is low.

It’s inexpensive to get started, which means a small investment, and very little skill is required to get going.

This is one of the easiest sports to learn and is great for beginners looking to try a new sport.

17. Short Playtime

One of the most popular misconceptions about soccer is how long a match is. In fact, it is relatively short.

A soccer match is 90 minutes. After including halftime, a game will last around two hours. This is short when you compare it to football – closer to 3-4 hours.

In comparison, a match is short. It becomes even shorter once you learn the nuances of the sport and get lost in the technicality of each player and how they play their position.

18. Variations to the sport

Outdoor, indoor, and street soccer all take the sport and add a variance to the sport. Each one has its own unique spin to the game. Besides the obvious fact that each style is played on a different surface, the rules change as well.

Then you have to take into account freestyle, which adds dance and soccer skills together.

The sport can be enjoyed in many ways and this only adds as to why soccer is the sport.

19. Easy to learn, but hard to master

Going back to the challenging aspect of the sport, soccer is easy to learn and hard to master. No matter what level you are at, there will always be room for improvement.

You’ll always have something to work on. The challenge to be better will always be there.

There’s no room for complacency in the sport.

20. Highly Competitive

The challenge factor is increased once you get to the competitive level. And the sport is highly competitive. Everyone is trying to be the next Messi – a level we will only see once in a generation.

Anyone that has a competitive spirit will find themselves right at home on a soccer field.

21. Marketable

Let’s say you love the sport, but don’t want to be on the field. Well, from a marketing standpoint many major companies are reaping the rewards from the sport. Over three billion people watch soccer worldwide.

Even on a local level, sponsoring a team means large amounts of exposure. The sport is popular, and a person does not have to be a part of the team to experience some of the glory.

A business just needs to attach themselves with a team to benefit.

22. Heavily player focused

Although soccer is a team sport, many players become stars in their own right. Ronaldo and Messi are perfect examples of this.

Typically, coaches call the plays in most sports but in soccer any player can take initiative and step up beyond everyone else on the field.

This means it’s up to the player to take responsibility over their sport’s career. This freedom allows players to truly shine on the field.

23. Can be played anywhere

No special space is needed to enjoy soccer. Any type of field, or lack thereof, can be used.

Grass, turf, indoors, and streets are places a game can start up.

Grab a ball and open space and you have a game. Whether it’s 1 – v – 1 or 7 – v – 7, as long as you have a ball and a surface, you will have a match. Or, for those looking to practice their skills all they need is a ball.

24. It’s The Beautiful Game

Soccer has been named the beautiful game. It’s a mixture of skill, competition, and endurance.

The pace is determined by the players. Unlike other sports, there are fewer stops in between plays.

Worldwide the sport is enjoyed by many at all types of skills levels. It’s one of the oldest sports to exist.

It’s the one sport that unites the entire world, and this unity equals beauty. It’s the one time we can put all our differences aside to partake in friendly competition.

25. Fun

Above all else, the sport is fun and this is one reason among others why soccer is the best sport.

Anyone can enjoy soccer. It’s easy to learn, inexpensive to play, and widely accessible to everyone.

All you need is a ball and the effort to make the most out of the sport.

Final Thoughts …

I am not sure whether you’ve already started practicing soccer or not, either way, hope these reasons will get you a little bit excited whether on actually start practicing!

Soccer has a ton of benefits that you should take advantage of, that’s why I always highly recommend this sport as far as you are following the right approach!

Claressa Cormier

Claressa Cormier has over 15 years of soccer experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest soccer teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right foot.

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