Best Soccer Cleats for Fast Players (For Grass, Turf & More)

best soccer cleats for fast players

Soccer is a game of inches, in other words one inch more or less could make a difference at any given moment! That’s why for players like you, having attributes like speed is definitely a huge asset …

… In this article I suggest couple of quality cleats that are really adapted for fast players.

I am sure you will end up making a good choice!

6 Best Soccer Cleats for Fast Players …

1. The Adidas Golleto VII (Affordable)

The Adidas Golleto VII’s (Check them Here on Amazon) are by far some of the bang for your buck cleats out on the market. Especially for players looking to spend the least amount on a quality pair of cleats.

First off, the cleats are made entirely from synthetic materials. This equates to lighter materials, which only makes fast players that much more faster. In a game that favors faster players, a split second can make the difference between a goal and a shot that was blocked.

Bear in mind, synthetic materials do not last as long as leather materials. However, if you are using your speed for defense rather than shooting for goals, you will be able to take advantage of these lightweight cleats.

The cleats are designed for firm ground, and the sole reflects this. Rather than spikes, you get a rubber only sole. The configuration only works on real grass.

This might be a deal breaker for some players that want to play indoors.

These cleats offer a true to fit size ranging from 6.5 to 13.5.

2. Nike Legend 8 (for all purposes)

Trying to find an all-purpose cleat is difficult, simply because there are different variables depending on what type of field you are planning to play on. For instance, grass versus artificial grass. Or, simply indoor versus outdoor.

Since most soccer is played outdoors, it would be safe to recommend a pair of cleats that can be used on real and fake grass.

Although Nike may not be as well known as Adidas in the soccer world, Nike still knows sports. And the Legend 8s (Check it Here on Amazon) are a perfect fit for both real and artificial grass. Unless players are exclusively playing indoors, grass in any form will be the most common playing field.

The cleats are made from a soft synthetic leather. An all leather cleat would be better, but then Nike would not have been able to make the unique textured pattern on the cleat.

From the first glance you’ll notice the diamond pattern on the kicking areas of the cleats.

But, do the diamonds make a difference?

When striking the ball you may not notice a difference the pattern makes. In fact, since it’s soft synthetic leather it probably won’t keep its shape under impact. Additionally, Nike can not expect a player to line up their foot with pinpoint accuracy on the cleat to get the most accurate hit during a match.

One of the main selling points is the multi-ground plate featured on the bottom of the cleat which allows for real and artificial grass traction.

They fit true to size ranging from 4.5 up to 13.

3. Adidas Copa Mundial (Best for Grass)

No other cleats are more iconic than the Copa Mundial. Since 1979, the Adidas Copa Mundial (Check it Here on Amazon) has been a staple in the market. It didn’t take long after introduction, 1982 World Cup in Spain to be exact, for these cleats to take the world by storm.

Why are they iconic?

The design has not changed much since 1979. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Copa Mundials are made from 100% kangaroo leather which equates to flexible, but strong material. Leather is preferred for its durability. For what the Copa Mundial lacks in innovative technology since 1979, it makes up in toughness.

It’s a basic boot. Tough and will last many seasons. Kangaroo leather as opposed to other leather is a better choice for soccer. You will get a better feel for the ball and this translates to better control.

This type of leather is softer and provides a better “feel” for the ball. It is flexible and light.

However, the baseplate is simple. Do not expect any type of technologically advanced baseplate that provides state of the art traction. Instead, you get a tried a true baseplate designed for grass fields. Real grass fields.

These boots are wide and longer than your standard size. It is best to choose a half size smaller than your normal size to get a snug fit.

Other than that, the only other complaint is the enormous tongue. For some it’s a complaint, others find it just annoying. It is up to you on how to wear these cleats. You always have the option to trim the tongue down if you need to.

4. Adidas Copa 20.3 (Best for Turf)

The Adidas Copa 20.3 (Check it Here on Amazon) Turf Boots should be no surprise on this list for turf surfaces.

They are no different from the grass version, except for a key part.

Mainly, the key difference is how the cleat is not all leather; some synthetic materials make up the rear of the boot. However, the front is made of a leather stitched vamp ideal for stopping the ball from slipping off your foot.

The mono tongue design combined with the stretchy quarter provides a secure, comfortable fit.

It’s a regular fitting cleat with a foam heel insert for added comfort. Considering turf is not as forgiving as soft grass as when landing on it, the foam heel could be useful players.

Other than the fact they only come in two colors, no other complaints can be made about these cleats. From first glance, you can tell immediately they are made by Adiddas. The design is iconic.

With over 40 rubber studs, you are definitely gain the traction you need to run and cut on the field while wearing these cleats. The leather adds to the protection and durability necessary for any serious player.

You can find these cleats in sizes 6.5 up to 13.5.

5. Adidas Samba Classic (Best for Indoor Soccer)

You should not be surprised at this point to see another Adidas cleat. The list would be incorrect if the Samba Classics (Check it Here on Amazon) were not labeled the best soccer cleat for indoor soccer.

The Samba Classics defined what it meant to be a cleat for indoor soccer.

Back in 1950, Adolf Dassler created the first pair of Sambas and since then Adidas has continued to keep the same design. Selling all over the world, whether to soccer players or those looking to make a fashion statement.

The 100% soft leather upper has a suede contrasting insert which combined offers superior protection from contact with the ball. Anyone playing indoor soccer, or Futsal, understands the importance of protection when kicking a low-bounce ball. They are much heavier than an outdoor ball.

On to the sole, what makes it work so well?

It’s a low-profile gum rubber outsole that offers an unique pattern for grip. The top half is made up of a triangle pattern with four cups that suction the shoe to ground. While the bottom half offers a wave pattern that allows for stronger braking.

A near perfect indoor cleat.

The fitting of these cleats are bizarre in some regards. For one, the oversized tongue is a major turn off for many people. It is either inconvenient, does not look good, or makes the fit feel off. There is a short tongue version, somehow it costs more.

By the way, I highly encourage you to learn about these differences between indoor soccer with running shoes! I think you will find those quite interesting …

6. ASICS Lethal Tigreor 4 (Best for Muddy, rainy and Snowy Conditions)

Playing outdoors poses many challenges when you factor in unfavorable weather. Rain, sleet, and snow can completely alter the game. Having the right cleats make all the difference in these types of situations.

The ASICS Lethal Tigreor 4 cleats (Check it Here on Amazon) are the ideal cleats for slick surfaces. Whether you are playing in rain or snow, these cleats will give you the traction you need to avoid a potentially dangerous slip.

Having metal studs that dig into wet surfaces is the only way you are going to get downfield fast and safely. The six studs are in a pattern designed to give you the most traction possible, while still allowing for you to make quick changes in directions without losing balance.

Your Firm Ground cleats do not have the studs or design to help with wet surfaces. Considering how dangerous running on slippery surfaces, having the correct sole makes a difference. Lethal Tigreor 4s have a simple, yet effective design. Four in the front, two in the back.

You know the protection leather provides. Well, warmth is another level of protection players often neglect. Having leather cleats help keep heat in. ASICS added soft leather to these cleats that mold to your feet. Protect your feet from impact, and from the cold.

For the price, you get exceptionally designed cleats. If you play through all types of weather, then you owe it to yourself to have cleats like these to keep in your bag when the field changes from dry to wet.

Final Thoughts …

As you’ve might noticed, I’ve included many choices for different purposes! Since I don’t know exactly whether you usually play in Grass or Turf or on Difficult ground conditions, it was better to include the best possible model for each one of those …

… Hope you will end up picking a solid model that would help you maintain your speed and perform better!

Finally, I highly invite you to learn about these soccer cleats chosen by each position! I think you will find them very interesting …

Claressa Cormier

Claressa Cormier has over 15 years of soccer experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest soccer teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right foot.

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