15 Reasons Why Soccer Is a Better Sport Than Football …

why is soccer better than football

This article is not against football, it is more of a personal perspective showing the advantages that soccer has over football! The latter is definitely a great sport without a doubt …

… This article, breakdown 15 reasons why I believe soccer is better than football.

Let’s dive in!

1. Simplicity of the game

Football and the NFL rules sometimes can be quite overwhelming, not only to the fans, but also the referees.

Even they can sometimes doubt their judgment and need to consult among themselves or even watch the video replay to make sure they made the right call.

The complexity of the game can be too much for a casual viewer.

Unlike football, soccer is a much simpler game, with clear and straightforward rules. The rules are so simple, that even kids can understand them and start playing.

If you are watching the soccer game for the first time, you will understand the sport within a couple of minutes.

Maybe you will need somebody to explain you the offside rule, considering it is the most complex rule of the game (but even that will take two minutes of someone’s time to explain it to you).

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2. You can play it anywhere

Due to its simplicity, soccer is the game that can be played anywhere. You can play it in your backyard and enjoy it as you are on the professional soccer field.

All you need is a ball and some friends. Maybe even that is not necessary, as you can practice it by yourself. All alone you can practice juggling, dribbling, shooting and passing.

You can create your own goal from sticks and practice, simple as that.

Football is much more complicated, as it requires at least one teammate, and even then you can only pass it to each other.

To play football you must have several players for each of the basic positions, as well as enough space to play it. Soccer can be even played in a small space.

3. More space for expressing creativity

Soccer, as football, has defined formations, strategies and tactics. Moreover, each player on the field knows his role and position.

However, unlike football, in soccer there is much more space to roam from your position and show the creativity in the play.

When it comes to football, there is no continuity in the play and team’s actions are much shorter and predefined by tactics for each individual play.

There is not much room to do something on your own and show your creativity. If you deviate from your role, you are jeopardizing the success of your team’s effort, whether in defense or offense.

On the other hand, soccer encourages creativity. There is always a chance to find some unorthodox solution and exploit the situation on the field.

That freedom in play has allowed players like Ronaldinho to score some of the most amazing goals to this day. His dribbling moves are not something that was planned. It was a genuine creativity and a joy to behold.

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4. Much more tactical freedom

Like in creativity, soccer has much more tactical freedom than football. For the latter, you have to have quarterback, tight ends, wide receivers, running backs, guards, linebackers, etc.

When it comes to soccer, there are no mandatory positions. Hey, if you are playing with your friends and on small size goals, you do not even need a goalkeeper.

Soccer allows coaches more diversity when considering tactical approaches. Tactics and formation will depend on the idea of the coach, without obligation to fulfil requirements of predefined tactical templates.

For instance, coaches in the NFL must be careful not to deploy “illegal formation” on the field. Unlike them, their soccer colleagues have much more freedom and can choose whatever formation they think will grant them the best result.

5. Fewer interruptions during the game

There are little to no timeouts in soccer. That is one of the best things when it comes to soccer. There is only halftime break, and that is it.

Players are actively involved in the game all the time, and playing continuity makes soccer a much more fluid sport.

Football on the other hand has timeouts, challenges, and breaks. All these interruptions not only prolong the duration of the game, but also influence the pace of the game.

While in soccer you must adapt your own playing style to stop the opponent’s momentum, in football you do it by calling a timeout.

Frequent interruptions in football makes the sport less dynamic than soccer. If you add commercials and halftime shows in the equation, interruptions in football are sometimes quite excessive.

Average football game lasts between 3 and 4 hours in total, while the exclusive playing time is around 1 hour. That is more than 2 hours of watching replays, commercials, and timeouts.

Unlike football, in soccer, there are no timeouts and commercials are displayed as a part of game broadcast. With only 15 minutes of halftime break, with soccer we actually have 90 minutes of pure game.

6. No Player’s Size Advantage

Although size can be an advantage at certain positions such as goalkeeper or defender, it is not a crucial attribute!

In soccer, it is mostly about skill and effort. However, football is much more contact sport, that requires a higher level of physical strength to win in duels, and often demands pushing the opponents to the ground.

Being taller and muscular is certainly an advantage in football, so you can endure all that physical contact and clashes with other players.

Soccer on the other hand is a game of skill, not size. Whether you are tall or short, it is not of significance in soccer. Often your advantage in size is followed with lesser technique and ball control abilities.

7. Healthier Lifestyle

Being a sport of skill, not strength and size, soccer promotes a high level of athleticism. Playing with small amounts of interruptions for 90 minutes requires being in tremendous shape and fitness level.

Soccer players must possess endurance, stamina, agility and speed. In one word, they have to be proper athletes.

Achieving this is not an easy task. It often requires a lot of sacrifice and establishing healthy habits.

Proper nutrition plan, getting enough sleep, no alcohol and cigarettes, are just some of prerequisites of a successful soccer player.

In football, some players would come to temptation to use some illegal substance, in order to have an advantage over the others on the playing field, considering the fact that football is mostly about running and overpowering your opponent.

In soccer, there is no space for this kind of shortcut to becoming a more skillful player, and the only option is constantly to improve yourself, physically and mentally.

8. Not as much injuries

Injuries can happen in any sport. They are the reality in any sport activity, and soccer and football are both not exceptions.

However, football is physically much more challenging sport, as the contact with opponents is allowed, and even encouraged in order to stop them from scoring. In soccer on the other hand, any unsporting behavior is being punished.

That is also the case with rough tackles on the opponents, and any threatening contact is not allowed.

Although injuries do occur, they are mostly the result of unwanted circumstances, not planned tackles.

Having your ankle twisted or bruised knee, is much benign injury than having a concussion. While the aim in soccer is to get the ball, in football aim is to get the player.

9. Global character of soccer

Soccer is without doubt the most popular sport in the world. Widely around the world, there is a saying “soccer is the most important of all unimportant things”.

Soccer is the game loved and enjoyed by many people in every nation and in every corner of the world. It surpasses national and language barriers.

Football is an American sport, and its popularity is mostly limited to the US.  Although present in other countries, by popularity is far behind soccer.

When you say “football” anywhere else in the world, everyone would actually think of soccer, as that is the name of the sport globally.

10. Cheaper …

When it comes to soccer, you only need a ball. Proper cleats are the other piece of equipment that is necessary so you can be better at it. As soccer can be played barefoot, even the cleats may be redundant.

Additional parts of equipment are jersey, shorts and shin guards.

Football as a contact sport requires a lot of safety equipment so it can be played without high risk of injury.

That protective equipment does not come cheap, and if you want to play competitive football, it may require some investment.

11. Soccer is a Olympic Sport

Unlike football, soccer is an Olympic sport. Not only that, but soccer has a long Olympic tradition, as it has been an Olympic sport for over a century now.

Football on the other hand, although featured at some Olympic games in the past, is not an official Olympic sport according to the International Olympic Committee.

Moreover, in sport discipline, Olympic Games are the highest honor for athletes to achieve.

12. Much better stadium atmosphere

The atmosphere at the stands in soccer is something special, and often an experience that you will remember your entire life.

Unlike the football atmosphere, where everything is about commercial entertainment, in soccer it is all about passion for your club or country.

The cheering on the stands and enthusiasm you can experience is something the words cannot describe.

Games between fierce rivals such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, famous “El Clasico”, or “Superclasico” between River Plate and Boca Juniors in Argentine, or “Eternal Derby” between Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade, are just some of the examples where soccer becomes more than a game.

The love for the club overwhelms everyone at the stadium, as they sing fan songs, jump together, and celebrate goals in an ecstatic way. Something truly unique, and unseen in any other sport, including football.

13. Soccer players have more durable career

Being a contact sport, football may take a toll when it comes to players’ career duration. Rough tackles and often head concussions result in shorter playing time of players, as they are not physically capable to perform after a certain age.

Soccer players enjoy much longer playing time, often playing at their peak after the age of 30. Even later on, they continue to play at lower leagues or at amateur level.

This is possible due to the higher level of athleticism of soccer players and lower injury intensity that soccer players suffer.

14. Fewer goals and unpredictable result

Soccer games are played at much lower score than the football ones. Often soccer games are finished with scoring one or without scoring goals.

That makes the game more intense. In football, fans are ecstatic after their team scores a touchdown.

However, after scoring a long awaited goal in soccer, there is a pandemonium at the stands. This also makes the game uncertain and unpredictable, as one team cannot achieve a big advantage as in football.

Football games are far more highscoring than soccer games.

15. Much more competitions to follow

In football, we have one competition, the NFL, with one main goal, to win the Super Bowl game. That is it, one competition each year.

Other nations have their own leagues, but not at the same level. If we look at the soccer, the situation is completely different.

Each country in the world has several levels of domestic league, as well as domestic cup.

Further than that, there are international club and national competitions, such as UEFA Champions League, League of Nations, FIFA World Cup.

This diversity of competitions makes soccer available to watch through the entire year. If clubs have a break, national teams are playing. You can enjoy soccer all the time.

Final Thoughts …

Again, I didn’t put together this article to make football look bad! Please don’t get me wrong … Football is an amazing sport that deserves all the popularity and success it has …

… I just think that soccer (which is my favorite sport) has several advantages that I’ve listed for those who want to know them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is quite easier to kids soccer than football in general … You can learn more about the best practices to teach kids soccer!

Claressa Cormier

Claressa Cormier has over 15 years of soccer experience between playing the sport at a semi-professional level, following the biggest soccer teams & leagues out there as well as helping beginners to get started on the right foot.

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