5 Reasons Why Brazil is So Good At Soccer!

why is brazil so good at soccer

When you think about Brazil, ‘soccer’ is definitely the first word that comes to mind! And this is for a reason …

… Indeed, Brazil soccer national team and history are among the best if not the very best!

They’ve managed to bring some legendary players from Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo da lima and the list goes on and on!

In this Post, I breakdown what has made the Brazilian Soccer System that successful including some helpful information that you might not be aware of!

Let’s dive in.

Why is Brazil so good at soccer?

Below are 5 reasons why Brazil is one of the top nations to ever play the beautiful game:

1. Soccer Is In Their Blood

Everyone around the world claims soccer is part of their country’s identity. Soccer is a worldwide sport and it makes sense why everyone believes soccer passion is unique to them.

However, Brazilians have taken this passion a step further by fighting against discrimination and racism through the sport.

They did this back in the early 1900s with the help of notable people such as the country’s authoritarian president, Getúlio Vargas. He was not a fan of the sport, but during his tenure he used the sport to unify people and reduce social tensions.

Gileberto Freye wrote academic papers detailing the fluid, creative ways Brazilians played the sport as a result of their African roots. He was able to take Brazil’s diverse race makeup and explain how multiple cultures make the sport what it is – a collection of individuals who put their differences aside to achieve a single goal.

Mario Filho was the first writer to talk about soccer from the enthusiastic tones of fans. He gave the underprivileged a voice during the 1900s and in turn it solidified the passion for the sport throughout the country.

These three men, plus the hardcore fans, helped make Brazil a soccer country.

2. The Streets Make Better Players

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No other team, or country, is known for their streetball like Brazil is. Some people speculate how street soccer playing translates to world champs. Well, it’s because the passion for the sport drives people to not give up the game because of lack of proper equipment.

Brazilians decided they were not going to stop playing because they do not have a traditional playing field. They brought the sport to the streets. A whole new set of skills had to be developed.

Because of the small playing field, and hard surface causing the ball to be more uncontrollable, Brazilians had to adapt. The streets forced them to become better players to overcome the field.

3. They Use Sand

This idea seems kind of out there. Brazil has a 4,500-mile coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and they use this coastline to their advantage. You have to realize, playing on sand is difficult.

Whether they are using the difficulty of sand to their advantage is unknown. One thing is for sure, playing in sand will build endurance. It will test you. It might even break you.

Which is why sand may be the Brazilians secret tactic.

Have you ever ran through sand? Now, imagine playing soccer on the beach. Your legs will be on fire from the strenuous exercise. Imagine going from sand to a field. You’ll be faster, and stronger once you hit grass.

Sand may be the key to better players. It’s a theory that may hold some weight, and at the least is worth considering.

4. Weather Is Not A Factor

Brazilians are not affected by weather. Hot, windy, or rainy days mean nothing to Brazilians. Their passion for the game keeps them pushing through all climates.

Which may be why they are so good at the sport. Training is key to being successful in any sport, and it would make sense that more of it will equal better players. Brazil, unlike other countries who experience extreme cold, has fairly great weather most of the year.

But, when it does get less than pleasant it does not stop training, or street games either.

Maybe other teams could learn to tough it out and play through anything like their Brazilian competitors.

5. Small Balls

That’s right, small balls. We are talking about size 4 futsal and soccer balls. Sometimes a size 3 too. How do these smaller balls make a difference?

It’s all about control.

Smaller soccer balls are harder for adults to control. This extra attention to ball control is what separates Brazilian players from the rest of the world when they move  back up to official size 5 balls.

Train like a Brazilian and give smaller sizes a try. You’ll learn quickly how difficult it is to control a smaller ball than it is a larger one.

Brazil national team history speaks for itself …

As a national team, how does Brazil stack up against the world? Since 1890, when Europeans brought the sport to the country, Brazil has taken the sport to higher levels of play.

In 1914 Brazil beat a visiting English with only a collection of their best players. Five years later they won the South American championship. From there, it was on to world championships. The first World Cup win came in 1958.

Not long after 1962 and 1970 followed. In more recent times, Brazil won the 1994 and 2002 World Cup. Although their devastating 7-1 loss to Germany in 2014 was a huge upset, their record remains solid – 69% in the World Cup are wins.

What makes Brazil national league so good?

What makes the Brazil national league so good? Here’s a hint, passion. It’s passion for the sport that drives Brazilians to be the best at the sport. Or, at the least one of the top competing countries.

Brazil is the only team to be part of every World Cup competition ever held – which is a feat unmeasurable. With that said, you can easily understand why their national league is so good. Brazil produces world class athletes that perform on a higher level when compared to the rest of the world.

The national league consists of two simultaneous and independent functioning pyramids – the national and state pyramids.

From here, smaller clubs form and tournaments begin. In the end, the Copa do Brasil is the top championship all Brazilians strive for.

Who is the top club? Palmeiras with 10 championship wins, followed by Santos with 8 championship wins.

For comparison, this would be similar to 10 Super Bowl wins in American football.

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Does this apply to futsal?

Futsal, the up and coming indoor soccer sport, is also dominated by Brazil. In fact, the Brazilian national futsal team has won the FIFA Futsal World Cup, the South American Futsal Championship, the Grand Prix de Futsal, and the Futsal Mundialito.

To only prove how dominant they are, the national team was on a 167 game winning streak!

It was ended by Spain at the Grand Prix. Nonetheless, 167 wins in any sport is unheard of.

Best Brazilian soccer players of all time?

Who were the top 3 of all time? It’s difficult to narrow it down since the country has produced so many talented players.

1. Garrincha

Garrincha made the Carioca club at the age of 20 by nutmegging the club’s star defender Nilton Santos during a training session. This famous nutmeg landed him a position on the team and a close bond with Santos.

His famous tricks and feints made him a crowd favorite. Also, he was part of two World Cup winning teams.

2. Ronaldo

By the age of 21, Ronaldo had scored over 200 careers across four countries, wond a World Cup in 1994, and twice been crowned FIFA World Player of the Year.

Kind of makes you think about what you are doing with your life? Huh? At such a young age he accomplished so much. However, an injury cut his career short. Which is unfortunate because he was a top player with many accomplishments under his belt.

3. Pelé

You know who he is. One of the greatest players to ever step foot on a field. Look him up if you want to know what it means to be an all-around player that can dominate a field.

Other sports Brazil is good at …

Besides soccer, there is the obvious sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Mixed martial arts reigns supreme in Brazil.

Here is a surprising sport Brazil is known for, Volleyball. It is one of the most practiced sports by young girls in the country and has gained enough popularity to be broadcasted regularly by free-to-air TV stations.

According to Atlas do Esporte Brasileiro back in 2006, there were 15.3 million practitioners for volleyball in the country. The researchers concluded the sport would grow in popularity exponentially over the upcoming years.

Final Thoughts: How Brazil soccer’s future looks like?

Unfortunately, the current state of Brazil’s soccer future is looking dim. How can a soccer country lose interest?

By outsourcing their organization to other countries. For example, the CBF, Brazil’s soccer federation, outsourced the organization of the matches to a British firm called Pitch International.

Previous games were played locally in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires rather than the field at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It’s decisions like this that turn fans off from the league.

As long as the CBF continues to move games outside of the country, interest will decline.

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